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Vilnius oldtown   Vilnius old town is the heart of Lithuanian capital included in UNESCO world heritage list. It consists of many medieval buildings, churches, museums. You can find here buildings of various architectural styles: gothic, classicism, baroque, renaissance.

Open Air Rumsiskes Museum

  Open Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumšiškės is like a small version of Lithuania representing buildings and household of all historic Lithuanian regions. It has a collection of over 140 authentic buildings dating back the 18-19th centuries.ct to relax.
kernave in lithuania   Kernave is historical heritage in Lithuania. It is a unique 5 mound complex which represents dissapeared culture and historical period of Lithuania. At one time Kernave was the capital of Lithaunia, but it was destroyed in 1390. The town is included into UNESCO World Heritage list.
Trakai castle in the middle of the lake  

Trakai castle is considered to be one of the most impressive historical monuments in Lithuania. Built in the early 15th century it has retained its Gothic ambiance.

Hill of crosses, Lithuania   Hill of crosses is probably the most important piligrimage centers in Lithuania. People all over the world come to this place to leave crosses. There are tens of thousands of them already. In 1993 John Paul II himself visited this place.
Grutas park in Druskininkai  

Grūtas Park draws attention of those interested in Soviet past in Lithuania as park exhibits over 50 different sculptures of Soviet leaders. The sculptures aim to reveal comic and hyperbolic worship of cult. Grūtas Park has also a watchtower and a trench in it.

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