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Prices of dental implants:

Dental Implant - € 440 / £ 390
Dental abutment - € 215 / £ 190
Dental porcelain crown - from € 445 / £ 395

Whole dental implant (implant + abutment + crown) - from € 1.200 / £ 1.070
                      Sinus Lift - € 900 / £ 800

The prices include consultation with the oral surgeon, procedure, anaesthesia, and all the necessary materials. As well as personal service and transfers to/from the airport, hotel, and the clinic.

Our clinic ensures the highest standard of medical service and materials, giving the equal quality guarantee as in the UK and the Scandinavian countries. However, the prices differ almost by half.

What sets us apart from other clinics?
Experienced dentists
Our clinic works with highly professional and educated dentists. They have 10 years of experience in the field of aesthetic odontology and dental implantation. Moreover, our dentists are members of various prestigious odontology societies, both Lithuanian and international. Find out more about our dentists here.
Modern clinic
Our clinic is a private clinic equipped with 3 separate dental cabinets, 3D tomography, modern facilities, all analogous to those in Western European clinics. You will be looked after by professional English speaking staff.
One of the biggest odontology centres in the Baltics
Our clinic is one of the biggest odontology centres in the Baltic region. We work with patients from various countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, etc.
Excellent quality and price ratio
Our clinic works with professionals of highest education and experience level and uses the same materials as the clinics in Western Europe. More often than not, the quality of our clinic‘s facilities exceed the ones in Western European clinics.
The price difference is only due to considerably lower average salaries and taxes - which is the main reason for medical travel everywhere around the world.
Treatment suitable to patients who have dentist phobia
Our clinic offers various treatments for patients who have severe fear of dentists. We may perform dental treatments you need under sedation or, in some cases, general anaesthesia.
24/7 personal assistance
During your entire stay in Lithuania you will receive personal customer service. You will not have to worry about a thing. You will be assisted from the moment of plane landing in Vilnius or Kaunas airport till your departure.
Flexible date-wise
Our clinic is flexible date-wise and can usually arrange your surgery on the date convenient for you.
All English speaking staff
Everyone in our clinic speaks English, including the customer service desk, nurses, assistants and the surgeon.
We speak in 8 languages
Our clinic is the only clinic in Europe that offers customer service in 8 languages, among which English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, Russian, and Lithuanian.
Direct flights
2-3 hour regular flights operate from all main airports in the UK & Ireland. Lithuania is closer than you thought. You can find the list of direct flights here. Please note, that airlines constantly add new flights and new destinations, therefore feel free to contact us if you need help choosing the flight that suits you best.
Credibility of country
Lithuania has been a part of the EU and NATO since 2004. Lithuania has one of the fastest growing economies in the whole region and the second fastest internet speed in the world. Lithuanian medical schools have trained many medical professionals who are highly appreciated and employed by many foreign hospitals, among which are UK hospitals.

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Dental implants

Statistically speaking, 69% of 35-44 years old adults have already lost at least 1 permanent tooth due to various accidents, failed root canals, gum diseases or tooth decay. 24% adults lose all permanent teeth by the age of 74. Dental implantology is one of the best treatments used for the replacement of missing teeth.

Dental implantology is a treatment which has many advantages in comparison to other missing teeth treatments like dental bridges or removable dentures.

  • Long lasting - if properly maintained, implants can serve you all the lifetime
  • No affect to adjacent healthy teeth (like fixed bridges)
  • Comfortable - no annoying clicking sounds, slipping (like removable dentures)
  • The most esthetic and natural looking

An implant is designed of 3 parts:dental implant prices abroad cheap

  • Titanium implant - a screw which is placed into a jaw
  • Abutment - a little metal post, a foundation for a new tooth
  • Crown - a created natural looking replacement tooth
The usual procedure

1. The placement of the implant

During the procedure the surgeon places the implant; healing may take up to 4 - 6 months. 

2. The placement of a permanent crown

This is the final step of the procedure. The surgeon will uncover the implant and put an abutment and attach a permanent crown. 

Implant surgery is only possible when a stable periodontal status is achieved. Usually, the whole process from evaluation to completion takes 6-8 months and requires at least 2 visits lasting for one week. Each case is different and an exact schedule of your treatment can be stated only after the examination of your oral health.

Sinus lift is performed together with the implantation if the bone width is not smaller than 5 mm. If the bone is thinner than 5 mm then at first sinus lift is done and only after 6 months the surgeon can proceed with the placement of implants.

Dental implants that are used in our clinic in Kaunas

Our specialists use the dental implant system of two leading manufacturers MegaGen and Nobel Biocare

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